Human and Universal Energy®
    Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®
In this website you will find general information about the HUE FACULTY including a brief description about our authentic educational program "Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®" such as an overview of our seminar schedule.

The HUE FACULTY explores the integral relationships among body, mind and soul.

The primary objective of the educational program is to support the practitioner / student to enhance the mental state in order to deal easier with the daily challenges, to relieve stress and improve the power of concentration to achieve health, happiness and mental development for oneself as well as for other people.

It is based on the concept that a balance in the energetic state of the body and mind can be viewed as a condition of wellbeing or good health. If the body received the sufficient energy that can flow freely throughout the body without any blockade, it has a better chance of maintaining this state of wellbeing.

One of the reasons that cause the depletion of energy in the body is mental or physical stress. In a daily routine, the factors of working constantly, worrying too much, thinking continuously and disturbing fear can influence the flow of energy. As a result, these strains can take a toll on the body and mind. The body cannot eat or sleep well, the immune system is weakened, the brain is overworked, etc. The mind cannot focus, the emotion is out-of-control (moody), the decision process is irrational, etc. If this condition is prolonged, a person can eventually get sick physically or mentally.

According to the energetic concept in the HUE educational program, everything exists as Energy. Therefore, the technique of “energy-transfer” can be applied to help an affected (imbalanced) part of the body with the aim to clear the blockade and restore the normal energy flow to it. As a result, this process can gradually help to regain the energetic balance in the body and ultimately recovers its health and overall state of wellbeing.

Depending on the individual condition of each person, in terms of the physical, psychological and environmental factors, the application of energy-transfer can help to strengthen the immune system. Due to the unity of the body, mind and soul, the first sign of improvements can be detected on a psychological level (mind-level). From a positive mindset, this person will be able to focus better in order to improve the chance of recovery.

The educational program is not a medical treatment. It doesn’t use drugs or medicine, and complementary to any medical treatment. It is never considered as a substitute for the regular practice of medicine. It is solely applied additionally (complementary). In a broader sense it is a technique of meditation.

In order to apply the energy-transfer techniques effectively, you need to learn the proper method and have your energy-centers (Chakras) activated, which will enable you to receive and transfer the flow of Universal Energy effectively to help yourself or other people. This method is taught in the seminars. The authentic educational program in Human and Universal Energy ® consists of 4 levels (Basic-, Intermediate-,Advanced-, Specialized-) with a total number of 8 seminar units (01 HUE to 08 HUE, former Level 1 – Level 20). After completion of the 01 HUE Basic-Level, a practical application in everyday-life, family and profession is possible right away.

The authentic Program is offered by officially recognized partners / instructors by HUE FACULTY, Inc. The officially recognized instructors were trained and licensed by HUE FACULTY, Inc. or one of its legitimate partners. The instructors are offering the authentic Human and Universal Energy® educational program as unaffiliated and independent instructors with a personal registration number.

The instructors are solely responsible for the content taught in the seminars based on their individual contractual relationship with each participant. In the list of partners you will find legitimate partners of HUE FACULTY, Inc.

Please note that we offer our authentic educational program as originally taught by its founder, Mr. Luong Minh Dang (1942 - 2007) under the registered trademarks "Human and Universal Energy® and "Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®".


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