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Autor:     Vu Tran
Publicado: 01/14/2013
Editor:    HUE FACULTY®
Lengua:    Español
Precio:    USD 5.99

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Auteur:          Vu Tran

Publicatiedatum: 08/23/2013

Uitgever:        HUE FACULTY®

Taal:            Nederlands

Prijs:           EUR 4.49


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Tác giả:      Trần Vũ
Phát hành:    01/13/2013
Nhà xuất bản: HUE FACULTY®
Ngôn ngữ:     Tiếng Việt
Giá:          $5.99 mỹ kim

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Author:    Vu Tran

Published: 08/08/2012

Publisher: HUE FACULTY®

Language:  English

Price:     USD 5.99


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Description: This book offers a fresh look at the teaching of Human and Universal Energy® (HUE). The readers can have a general understanding of the HUE method that includes the technique of meditation and the process of opening Chakras 100% to obtain the ability of receiving and transferring Universal Energy. Based on the principle of the HUE method, everything exists as energy. The readers can follow the concepts of this Energetic Model to discover the connections between cells, human consciousness and energy. Through the HUE method a person will learn how to maintain a level of calmness in order to handle the challenging and stressful situations in life. With a calm mind, this person will improve the focus level. Consequently, he or she will be more conscious and responsible. The techniques and principles of this HUE method can be applied in a home, in a business, in a school, and in a social environment. We are all interconnected by various forms of energy through the frequencies of our thoughts, words or deeds. If we can raise our own level of consciousness to maintain a calm mind, then we will not react in a selfish or unreasonable manner and create a negative impact to our own environment. By applying the concept of “Positive Thinking will bring Positive Result” as taught in the HUE method, we can see how a person can transform the negative energy to positive energy. For example, you may hear a bad gossip and it makes you feel upset or negative. In a sense, this sound wave comes to you as a form of negative energy. But after learning the HUE method, you can transform this negative energy to positive energy. As a result, you hear this bad gossip but do not feel anything, and better yet, you can reply with something more positive or beneficial. Therefore, you can create a positive “ripple effect” with this level of consciousness in your home, your office, your society and your world. From this perspective, you can improve your life with a calm mind.


Under the HUE FACULTY® platform, this iBook serves as the introductory material to educate the general public about the Human and Universal Energy® method and the Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®. Now, we can use this new technology to spread the HUE Teaching to most homes around the world and reach out to people who do not know about universal energy.


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