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Excerpts from 2nd Book
Learn to Fail Successfully

For your reference, we provide some texts from the 2nd Book: Learn to Fail Successfully.


In this book, you can find the general information about the following topics:


♦ Facing Adversity and Challenges


♦ Adapting to the Heaven-Earth-Human Factors


♦ Look On the Bright Side of Everything


♦ Be Open and Ready for Change, Challenge or Failure


♦ Turning a “Moment of Failure” to an “Opportunity for Success”


Please click the link below to see the excerpts from this book (in .pdf format):


Excerpts from Learn to Fail Successfully


Note: You need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf file. If it is not already installed in your computer, please click here to get this software.


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