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Published paperback books
Book #1 [BG-EN-ES-FR-NL-VN] and Book #2 [EN]


We are pleased to inform you that our paperback books have been published on Here is the list of paperback (6x9 inches) books and you can click on Lulu’s link to see the descriptions:


Book #1


Bulgarian: ПОДОБРИ ЖИВОТА СИ СЪС СПОКОЕН УМ  ** New Release **


Dutch: Leef Beter Met Een Kalme Geest


English: Improve Your Life with a Calm Mind


French: Améliorer sa vie avec un esprit calme  ** New Release **


Spanish: Mejore su Vida con una Mente en Calma


Vietnamese: Cai Thien Doi Song voi Tinh Than Diem Tinh


Book #2


English: Learn to Fail Successfully


These are the available languages we have at this time. As soon as we have these books in more languages, we will keep you posted and update our website. You can also find out about these books by clicking on [Publications].


Please click here to view the Author's profile & book's descriptions.


Thank you very much.

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Worldwide News
International Reunion HUE students all Levels
May 19 - 21, 2018 Zoetermeer- The Netherlands
Published Level 20 Transcript (EN)
Hardcover paperback book
Published paperback books
Book #1 [BG-EN-ES-FR-NL-VN] and Book #2 [EN]